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Tips for Handling Wedding Day Nerves

It’s natural people want their wedding day to be perfect, and as a top-tier wedding venue, that’s what we strive for. Still, one cannot control all things. There are wedding mishaps. Things cannot run accordingly to plan at all times. Feeling faint at the altar is more common than you may think. Brides (and grooms) may start feeling dizzy as it seems like the room starts spinning around them. The obvious answer is nerves –especially if either party isn’t used being “on stage” in front of so many people.

Hollywood has (unfairly) taught us that this means that the person isn’t sure if they truly want to get married or that they’re not sure it it’s the right person. It’s actually much more likely that people will experience this level of stress when marrying someone they’re deeply in love with. There’s an added urge for things to be perfect and/or sense of it being unreal. Here are some tips to handle the stress of getting on that altar:

  1. Don’t be Embarrassed to Take a Minute
    • If you need to sit, then sit. Take a breather from everything! Yes. Request a chair up on the altar.
    • Give yourself permission to center yourself.
  2. Nutrition
    • In the days leading up to the wedding, it seems like time is constantly against the couple. With fast food and convenience meals all around, There is always one more thing to double check and no time to get everything done. Too often this leads to not eating breakfast and being dehydrated (especially is the ‘partying’ has already been in full-swing or the night before). Make sure you take the time to eat and consume plenty of water. The people in attendance can wait a few more minutes. You would be surprised how much better you will feel with a well rounded breakfast!
  3. Sweating
    • Make sure the MOH has a small hand fan with her. And (seriously) test out antiperspirants. Look up ones for extreme duress and go jogging with them beforehand. The ceremony indoor or outdoors, make sure an indoor wedding ceremony has air conditioning or is in a shaded area if outside.
  4. Make Use of Your Right-Hand Man/Maid
    • The Best Man and Maid of Honor were chosen for a reason. They are there to be your support and personal assistant. This means everything from getting you water to being an open ear about your nerves and stress. Often the perfect remedy for what’s gnawing at the mind is to simply vent it. Keep them by your side and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Traditionally this was their role in the wedding.
  • The Surprise +1
  • Have you heard this one? “Hey, great to see you?” You look great? Oh my god, you’re getting married! Oh, this? This is my (enter anything). We met last weekend. Oh, you don’t mind if they’re here, do you?”

    Unless the invitation specifically says “and a guest”, or something similar. Showing up with a surprise guest is usually bad form. Weddings are usually priced for a set number of people (seating, catering, etc.) and the new soulmate you found in Vegas can mess with those logistics. But in case you’re getting worried, most couples are fine with having new guests. The key is informing them beforehand.


    1. Always Bring a Gift, No Matter How Small.

    I’ve been there. I know the struggle. Being broke is no fun. Still, bring a gift - something, and before you get cheeky, no, the gift isn’t yourself. Tyrion Lannister may be able to get away with that. No one else. Write a poem, offer an oil change, entertain with sock puppets –it doesn’t matter, just don’t come empty-handed!

    1. If You’re Going to a Wedding, Commit to The Entire Ceremony

    Exempting the understandable work and family responsibilities, (needing to get back to work asap, children at home, you know what I mean). If you’ve agreed to attend a wedding, you should be there for the nuptials and the reception. Leaving early by surprise is noticed and remembered. I once saw a Maid of Honor leave midway through the reception because she agreed to attend a party (not kidding). This tells people that while you agreed to show up, you don’t really care to be there. Even if that’s not true, that’s the message you’re sending. Weddings are momentous to people, don’t be the guy/gal that arrived just to say hi.

    Traditional ceremonies would last hours, with many couples going non-traditional or outdoor ceremonies the ceremony usually lasts no longer than half an hour or 45 minutes

    This allows your guests to only attend a short and sweet ceremony and alleviates the possibility of your wedding party becoming fatigued (possibly passing out because of locked knees)

    Your wedding Video Videographer in Sheboygan can usually tape hours of video but the editing process takes much less time because of a smaller length ceremony. This means you get your wedding video faster!

    Get crafty with your wedding

    A crafty wedding has many advantages, you add your own personal look and feel. You get a sense of accomplishment and your wedding will be unique. You can also rent items from many vendors in the rental section of www.marriedinsheboygan.com.

    The benefits and being completely unique take time. Keep in mind you will need to use many hand tools and power tools if available. Currently the new trend is a shabby chic country, woodsy, or vintage wedding themes. Lace as well as burlap is a very large wedding trend in Sheboygan.

    Www.youtube.com offers a large amount of wedding tips and tricks when creating unique wedding decor. Using ball canning jars, water containers, old milk jugs, old crates and other items enhances the look and feel of your wedding reception and ceremony. Tutorials and ideas can also be found on www.pinterest.com.

    The items you can easily find are located at flea markets, garage sales, antique shops, or just keep a keen eye when driving in the country. The show American Pickers, that was recently in the Plymouth, WI area visited several barns looking for vintage items. If you would like to take that approach, do not be taken back by people that you contact that are unwilling to let you view or purchase items from their residences. More often than not these items are childhood memories and you must respect their wishes, possibly explaining that the items would be used for your wedding.

    The time needed to prepare all the items for your wedding is usually an unknown. Many groups on Facebook allow you to share items for sale. If you take a look first at the Facebook groups usually called wedding Sheboygan, or wedding items for sale Sheboygan. You are well on your way to save time for other projects. Buyer beware, with any trades, you must inspect all sold items and bring up problems before you make a sale.

    The time spent on your own individual projects is unfortunately an unknown, but you do have complete control over your wedding items, such as centerpieces, card box, and cake table at your wedding. Carving a wood stump may take up to 4 hours per stump, you need to remove the outer layer of bark and sand it smooth. The outer layer of bark is usually dark in color and inside a white or lighter color. This allows you to burn or write in marker your names and the date.

    With many options, you can decide to purchase items from Facebook groups, garage sales, flea markets, or www.craigslist.com. Or you can decide to create your own items what takes time but is completely custom and unique, the time to create such items varies greatly.

    - Clayton (Infinity DJ, wedding specialist, Clayton's Photo Booth, Infinity Wedding Video Productions, Infinity Solutions)

    Wedding Shoe Game

    THe wedding shoe game is very fun for your Sheboygan Wedding. This game involves the bride and groom where they both take off each others shoes and raise the shoe of who they respond to who they think answers the question best.

    For instance the Sheboygan Wedding DJ will ask the bride and groom a series of questions. Each of these questions is answered by the bride and groom at the wedding by raising the respective shoe

    This is a popular game and commonly played in times of lull or between wedding meal courses. AT times it may be played after the meal is over but before the Sheboygan wedding vendors are completely ready to go. You can find many questions online, but Sheboygans DJ.com suggests a meeting to find out the tastes of the bride and groom to customize questions for the best experience

    customizing the wedding shoe games to the bride and groom makes it more personal, plus your guests gain more knowledge about the new addition to their family. Most commonly the bride and groom sit back to back on chairs close to the dance floor or somewhere in a common area where everyone can see them. Your wedding hall can help coordinate with location and timing of your shoe game. The main part of the shoe game is the Disc Jockey or DJ. The entertainment announces questions and organizes with the hall Photographer also Professional Sheboygan Wedding Video - Videographer.

    The shoe game is definately an added fun perk to any wedding. Be sure to include it in your special wedding day!

    Off season Sheboygan weddings.

    Ever think of having an off season wedding? They are becoming increasingly popular. This is because of prices that are reduced and demand for halls, locations, is less.

    Imagine your wedding in the stunning colors of fall surrounded by autumn leaves. The sun also sets sooner, for some breathtaking pictures, your photographer will enjoy using the scenery to their advantage.

    Many weddings that happen after the typical summer season capture essence of winter, spring or fall. The fall colors will play nicely with your photographer and your pictures will very much show the colors.

    If you are having an outdoor wedding, be sure to plan a backup location. The weather may be unpredictable and having a backup plan is useful for your Sheboygan wedding. Many locations offer additional backup areas.

    The many benefits of off season weddings are that you will not be expecting warm, muggy, or hot weather. The groomsmen will especially thank you – they usually wear multiple layers of clothing. Simply walking around causes warmth. The general rule of thumb is 60-75 degrees is perfect weather. Contrary to popular belief, you photographer loves cloudy weather. The sun causes unwanted shadows especially on the faces of people.

    Many wedding vendors are also more available in the off season. This allows you to pick and choose with more descretion, take your time and find a Sheboygan Wedding DJ, Videographer, Hall, Cake Person, or photographer more closely.

    In the end, choosing a off season wedding will help save you money and allow you to book more services with the savings such as a Photo Booth or Videographer. You can also choose a candy bar, or many other extras.

    The wedding from the grooms point of view.

    Many ladies often envision their personal idea of a dream wedding, where they are the center of attention. The groom also plays a role almost often behind the scenes. This results in solving many problems that popup on the day of. The groom can buy food for after the ceremony (almost everyone is hungry or exhausted from little or no sleep the night before the wedding). Also energy drinks and coffee can help boot energy from a long sometimes stressful day. The ceremony is just the start of the day where the photographer may take you to several different locations for pictures.

    Being prepared for most problems such as dead cell phones, hungry wedding party members, and bad weather for your wedding is in part for good planning. Imagine what could help with optential problems before thy happen and you can plan accordingly.

    Depending on the bride and groom, the groom can organize vendors and have input on his own personal style that can add to the wedding. This is definitely true if the grom and bride a very artistic and like the same styles in décor. Granted not all grooms are interested in actual décor at the reception, their input does matter. If you are looking for a more rustic wedding, the camo or real-tree style wedding decorations with table runners and centerpieces may include real wood.

    A wedding where the groom picked up some cut trees and the bride carved their names into the two wood pieces. This was a fun project where the bride learned how to use hand tools and was very atristic. The groom also enjoyed teaching her how to use the tools correctly. Also she used a hot iron to burn the names into the wood.

    The actual day depends on events planed. For the groom usually it involves waking up, getting errands ready and setting up items, eventually ending up at the ceremony location. Almost all weddings in Sheboygan are in the summer and it is warm. Be aware to bring your suit with you and a change of clothes, you do not want to wear your suit all day. Your groomsmen can arrive at the ceremony location (if restrooms are available – to change and get ready) or get ready at the grooms house.

    The remainder of the ceremony is already pre-planed and several times going through the night before helps that everyone knows the wedding will go off without a hitch.

    The photographer will take you to several locations and this is where energy drinks/food come into play. Most people skipped lunch or had a very small lunch. Food and energy drinks between ceremony and reception help quite a bit, especially with butterflies in your stomach.

    In the end the groom does play more a role than most people think, especially in pre-planning and day of planning. You can discuss any wedding questions with all vendors – they have years of experience and can help plan your wedding.

    Wedding favors

    Wedding favors are a great way for couples to show their gratitude to family and friends that graciously attended their wedding day. Wedding favors are small tokens of appreciation that couples can give out to the people that came to celebrate their wedding day with them. Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes. There are an infinite number of items for wedding favors that couples can choose from.

    The couple's budget is a significant factor to consider when selecting wedding favors. However a resourceful and creative couple can easily find a solution to their problem. Couples can also choose to have their wedding favors centered on their wedding theme. Wedding favors can either be store bought or made by the bride herself with the help of her bridal entourage.

    History of wedding favors

    The history of wedding favors dates back several centuries ago in European countries. People then believed that weddings were a fortunate occasion and that the giving of wedding favors by the groom and bride is a way of sharing that luck to family and friends.

    Wedding favors began as a tradition of upper class families in Europe centuries ago. French and Italian families would hand out 'bonbonnieres' to guests as wedding favors. These confectionary delicacies are placed in small fancy boxes made of metal, crystal or porcelain. The boxes are also decorated with precious stones that create a precious keepsake for guests.

    Later on, other social classes took on the tradition of giving wedding favors to their guests. Almonds were popular wedding favors given by couples in the earlier days. People believed that the almonds represented longevity, happiness, wealth, health and fertility. Up to now, almonds are still common wedding favors given by couples in the form of candy-coated almonds.

    Modern day wedding favors

    Wedding favors are now an essential part of the preparations for the wedding day. Couples have limitless choices for wedding favors. Wedding favors can be bought or made to match the style of the couple's wedding. Couples can choose to have either practical or decorative wedding favors to give away to family and friends.

    Many sensible couples opt to give out practical wedding favors that guests can use afterwards. These can either be small kitchen gadgets like salt and pepper shakers, coasters or cookie cutters. While other couples choose to give out soaps and candles as wedding favors.

    Ideas for wedding favors

    Ideas for wedding favors can be as wild as the imagination can get. Couples can come up with the wildest wedding favors for their giveaway to family and friends. Wedding favors also come in a variety of prices that helps make it easier for couples to find the right gift at the right price.

    Couples can choose to have wedding favors that symbolize the theme of the wedding. Wedding favors can also be selected in relation to the season in which the wedding is scheduled. Christmas or winter theme, summer theme or fall theme wedding favors also makes it easier for couples to select the right giveaway for the event.

    Creative couples can also use their resourcefulness to craft their own wedding favors. Wedding songs recorded on compact discs are popular wedding favors that let couples share their special day with guests for years to come. At any rate, the choice of wedding favors is limited only by the couple's imagination.

    Wedding Flowers

    Flowers come in a couple flavors - real and silk, cloth, or fake flowers. The durability of an entire day of silk or cloth flowers for you sheboygan wedding may depend on what abuse they will go through the day of your wedding. The silk flowers for your wedding are much nicer looking, as others such as cloth may be more of a matte look, not as shiny. When you choose flowers the option is entirely up to you. the real flowers come with traditional smells of pollen or fragrant. The traditional flowers may actually cause some issue with your wedding party as they will need to hold them for a period of time. Over the counter anti-alergy medications may help. Obviously for pictures you would not want members of your wedding party with watery eyes or red faces. The photographer for your wedding can photoshop the faces and edit pictures to remove redness.

    keep in mind that flowers not natural such as silk or cloth will not need to be thrown away, you can simply sell them on craigslist or any facebook site. Many groups selling wedding items have been created lately. buyer and seller beware though. many groups offer no buyer protection as these are private party sellers.

    In the end ask yourself for your wedding in sheboygan: do you want to have flowers that will last the entire day without fail, so you want fregrant flowers - traditional flowers?

    The choice is yours.

    The nice thing about your weding, is its your choice. Keep in mind if you want to keep your flowers for your wedding go with silk or cloth. Traditional flowers for your wedding will end up wilting and need to be thrown away or preserved.

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