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The Ceremony

A wedding ceremony marks the beginning of a marriage, and a couple's life together. Wedding ceremonies may be a civil or religious rite that can take place anywhere - at a church, in the gardens, at the beach, or at the city hall. Modern-day weddings can now also take place in the Internet (what is known as "Online Wedding).

From the bride's march down the aisle to the wedding reception, there are a number of traditional wedding aspects that make a wedding ceremony special. It is important that the couple 'include' their guests and the people around them in the celebration by guiding and informing them of what is happening at any given time. This is made possible by wedding ceremony programs. Some seating arrangements create a circle around the bride and groom compared to the traditional formation where the bride and groom are at the head of the room.

A wedding program (also called church programs, ceremony programs, or "The Order of Woship") is a personalized guidebook for the guests attending. Essentially similar to that of a program at a theater play, wedding programs serve the following purposes:

They serve as a record of the wedding ceremony, providing guests with the order and details of the events that will happen in the ceremony.

  • · They help guests understand what is happening, making them feel included.
  • · They introduce and honor the bridal party, the sponsors, and the other people who are participating in the ceremony.
  • · They serve as a beautiful and sentimental souvenir for everyone, which can be included in the couple's scrapbook.
  • While a wedding program is not a strict requirement to have, but it certainly adds a unique and personal touch to any wedding ceremony. A wedding program can also be essential in the following cases:

  • · A wedding that is inter-cultural and no one understands the ceremony.
  • · A wedding with a number of guests from another faith or culture.
  • · A wedding so large that guests may not know the bridal party.
  • · A wedding that is particularly long and time-consuming.
  • · A wedding that involves so many people that the couple would like to thank and pay tribute to.
  • Modern programs have been customized to the style of the bride and groom, creating a unique experience, often the bride and groom coordinate the look and feel of the ceremony, programs, and displays to have the same style.

    A program is generally broken down into 3 sections, with the additional detailed information listed below:

  • 1. Introduction
  • · Names of the couple
  • · Wedding date
  • · Time and place of the service.
  • 2. Event or Ceremony Order
  • · Greetings
  • · Poetry
  • · Reading
  • · Exchange of vows
  • · Explanations of special religiuos rituals (such as the ring ceremony, unity candle ceremony, and pronouncement of marriage)
  • · Titles of the ceremony music to be played (including the names of the musicians, soloists, or readers)
  • 3. Acknowledgement or Wedding Party
  • · Names of the members of the bridal party
  • · Name of the priest or officiant who will perform the ceremony
  • · Memorials, tributes or homages to someone who has passed away
  • · Thank-you notes and dedications to the parents and to people who gave support to the couple (and to the wedding)
  • · The couple's special message to their wedding guests
  • · Directions to the reception
  • Wedding programs are usually ordered from the same printer who does the wedding invitations. Other couples, however, opt to do their wedding programs on their own - it gives a couple a chance to be more flexible and creative while saving money.

    Wedding programs are one of the little details that make such a big day extra special. Ordered ready-made or done personally, a wedding program can be made unique by the expressive feelings of love and joy that it conveys.

    Late night food.

    Not only is it a great idea, it is also helpful in ways you would not think of.

    Having late night food helps guests that burned off many calories dancing from the music at the reception. Of course you think of dancing as a non-exercise activity, in actuality it is. Some people get more exercise in dancing at a wedding reception compared to regular working out. This is why some complain about their feet hurting at the end of the night and the next day.

    Your guests have eaten at about 5 or 6 pm, they are starting to get hungry again or all they have in their stomachs is liquid. As you may know liquid in someones stomach is not the same a solid food, it also is digested faster than solid food. Some guests may also have had alcoholic beverages. Making them more dehydrated. In essence, you have hungry, slightly tired, slightly dehydrated guests at 10:30 or 11pm.

    Having food options at this hour helps a number of reasons, first off it brings energy back. Secondly it satisfies hunger, and last; it helps to slow the absorption of alcohol. Some guests may have a hangover the next day and eating food helps to bring vital nutrients back into the body that have been lost from drinking alcohol. It also reduces alcohol effects on the body. After several glasses of water and food items – your guests could be ready for the trek home.

    The takeaway is – think if your guests when it comes to late night food, be sure to get some options that are cost effective and reduce the amount of hangover for your wedding guests the next day. This also saves a trip for your guests to late night (24x7) restaurants.

    Wedding poetry has been used to spice up any wedding ceremony .

    It is amazing how poetry's play of words effectively translate the heart's language! This is basically the reason why poetry reading is a standard activity in wedding activities. Poetries are usually used a part of wedding vows, activity programs, ceremonial weddings, speeches and toasts.

    If you feel you do not relate with any of published works or submitted poems, you can go ahead and create one or hire a personalized wedding poetry vendor. Internet is a great place to find one also. A phone interview or an online conference will be conducted by the vendor. Recommended that both the bride and groom will attend the interview.

    Looking for poetry provider is not a hard job. You can ask your wedding coordinators, the head of your clergy for recommendations. You might even have a friend or a family member who can write well. Professional wedding poem providers may charge as high as a 100 dollars. A good poem would take time. Be sure to order around eight to six months or so before the wedding.

    In personalizing wedding poetry consider the type of ceremony you will be having. A formal event might need elegant and romantic poems while you can add on some humor if it is an informal one. Poems used in wedding bridal party toasts must definitely have a lighter note to it. Take note of the mood that you wanted to project. It is important to know your guests and the person who would read the poem.

    Tell every one of your joy and contentment of finding your true love by scribbling wedding poetries on invitations. Another option will be to print out a line or two of you favorite poem on your wedding souvenir. Poetry verses can come along with your photograph, the celebrant's name, date of your wedding and your message. THey make great signage on vintage wood or planks.

    Poetry compliments that romantic atmosphere in any wedding. It can surely add magic to wedding day. A well rehearsed and a well written poetry can make your partner's feet weak and make your heart jump a mile. Remember to keep it on you if you forget your lines! Nothing can truly beat something that comes from the heart.

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